Mayur Jivanjee – Principal Physiotherapist

Passionate and caring, Mayur has 15 years experience treating a wide range of conditions.

Gordon Pritchard – Senior Physiotherapist

Enthusiastic and motivating, Gordon will help you get back to sports, reduce pain, and get healthy.

Megan Howard – Respiratory, Oncology & Lymphoedema Physiotherapist

Caring and compassionate, Megan uses her 15+ years experience to help patients with cancer and lung disease live life to the full.

Zoe Lim – Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Zoe brings a cheerful energy and a passion for women’s health to the clinic. She has a keen eye for detail and is mad about basketball.

Sarah Khong – Neurological Physiotherapist (Bobath)

Sarah runs our Saturday morning exercise rehab classes with a smile and focus on good technique.