SOZO Body Composition Scans

Thompsons Road Physiotherapy has an on-site SOZO Bioimpedance Body Scanner that provides our patients, and clients in the Lower Templestowe, Bulleen and surrounding areas with fast, affordable and accurate body composition data.

The SOZO Scanner can report to highly accurate detail of:

  • Muscle and mineral composition
  • Body fat percentage
  • Hydration levels
  • Fluid balance index (L-Dex) – for lymphoedema

It can be used as part of your physiotherapy treatment for lymphoedema prevention and treatment evaluation, as well as to track the effects of your exercise interventions or weight loss program.

Lymphoedema and L-Dex Scanning

The SOZO Body Composition Scanner plays a critical role in evidence-based prevention and treatment of lymphoedema. Patients who have undergone treatment for cancer (breast cancer melanoma, and other cancers) that involves the removal of- or damage to- lymph nodes are at risk of developing lymphoedema, a condition that results in excess fluid build up in limbs that leads to swelling, heaviness and discomfort or pain.

By measuring your fluid balance (L-Dex) with SOZO prior, immediately after, and for an extended period post-operatively you can detect even the tiniest changes in your body fluid balance. This allows for early detection and prevention of lymphoedema, before it becomes symptomatic. This is critical because once lymphoedema occurs it becomes a chronic condition that cannot be reversed. Early detection is key – and lifetime monitoring and surveillance is essential to any cancer survivor, even up to 10 years post treatment.

Body Composition Scanning

SOZO can be used to accurately measure your fat percentage, and fat-free mass (bone, muscle, mineral) and hydration. This information can be used to measure the effect of a new training programme (muscle gains) and also for weight loss programmes. Clients often don’t see a change on the scales when they start exercising/dieting, but their actual body composition may shift (more muscle + less fat = no change in weight). Using SOZO scans to track these tissue changes can assist in demonstrating the effectiveness of exercise/diet interventions, which will improve motivation and outcomes over short and long-term.

For weight-loss surgery patients, body composition scanning can help your specialist and dietician ensure you are meeting your goals and maintaining healthy body mass whilst losing fat mass.

Organising a SOZO Body Composition Scan

You can ask for a SOZO Body Scan during your physio appointment (additional charges apply), or you can book in a scan alone. If you wish to discuss your scan outcomes and receive advice about the results, then we advise booking an a physiotherapy appointment with an additional scan so there is sufficient time and support for your needs.

If you simply need a body scan completed as part of a routine surveillance programme, or to take to your consulting specialist or trainer, you can book a scan-only service – fees apply to this, and we offer discounts for multiple scans.

Please call our friendly reception staff to discuss your needs and make an appointment for a SOZO Body Scan.

Ph. (03) 9850 4437