GLA:D - an exercise based approach to knee pain

GLA:D®, or Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark, is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms.

What does GLA:D® involve?

  • A first appointment explaining the program and collecting data on your current functional ability
  • Two education sessions which teach you about OA, how the GLA:D® Australia exercises improve joint stability, and how to retain this improved joint stability outside of the program
  • Group neuromuscular training sessions twice a week for six weeks to improve muscle control of the joint which leads to reduction in symptoms and improved quality of life

This education and exercise program reflects the latest evidence in osteoarthritis (OA) research. It also includes feedback from people with OA and trainers on what works in the real world to help patients manage OA symptoms.

GLA:D® Australia is often run in private physiotherapy clinics. You do not need a referral from your doctor, however you may be eligible for a rebate from Medicare for some of the cost of the program, if deemed appropriate by your GP (initial and completion assessment).

Benefits of participating in a GLAD program

Research from the GLA:D® program in Denmark found symptom progression reduces by 32%.

Other outcomes include less pain, reduced use of joint-related pain killers, and less people on sick leave. GLA:D® participants also reported high levels of satisfaction with the program and increased levels of physical activity 12 months after starting the program.

In Australia, treatment usually focuses on surgery and the GLA:D® Australia program offers a safe alternative that may avoid the need for surgery.

What is the cost of the GLAD program at TRP?

The total cost of attending the GLAD program at TRP in 2021 is $650.

This includes the following – all delivered by our physiotherapy team:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Two education sessions/seminars
  • 12 supervised group exercise sessions
  • Completion Assessment
  • Home exercise equipment pack

Payment is required in full prior to commencing the program in order to ensure your place in the group, as numbers are limited.

You may be able to claim some rebates for the GLAD program – this will depend on your private health insurance policy or if you have an EPC Medicare referral from your GP. The rebates may apply to only some parts of the program costs, and are claimable at the completion of the program. You can ask more about this from reception.

How do I sign up for the GLAD program at TRP?

You can speak to your treating physiotherapist about the program and if it would be suitable for you.

From there, you can contact reception to either sign up for an upcoming GLAD course, or join the waitlist for the next available program dates.

Phone: (03) 9850 4437