Seamus O'Connor - Physiotherapist Seamus O’Connor

Qualifications: Masters of Physiotherapy/ Bachelors of Health Science

Having originally trained as a Civil Engineer, Seamus decided to make the switch to physiotherapy to build a more meaningful connection with people and pursue his passion of maximising health and longevity in those he treats. Having grown up in Bendigo playing a wide array of sports, Seamus has developed an enthusiasm for all things exercise, from gentle rehabilitation to intense activity. Seamus comes to physiotherapy with a strong background in exercise and conditioning, having spent years as an individual and group exercise trainer.


Seamus takes a holistic and empathetic approach to his treatments, ensuring every patient he encounters feels that their voice is heard, and their concerns are addressed appropriately. He is of the belief that each person he encounters possesses the potential to achieve a high quality of life and function, ensuring that everyone from elite athletes to the older retiree are given the same quality of treatment and service.


Fun Facts: Seamus loves his cricket with claims to fame in having dismissed both a former Victorian opening batsmen and the number three batsmen for the Netherlands international cricket team (prior to their rise to domestic and international levels of course). He also supports the Bombers in the AFL with a fair weathered spirit.