What is massage?

At Thompsons Road Physiotherapy we have qualified practitioners who provide both remedial massage and myotherapy services.

Myotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of soft tissue conditions that contribute to pain and dysfunction. It involves using a range of techniques such as massage, trigger point therapy, dry needling, cupping, stretching and exercise advice. It is effective for relieving pain and restoring movement. Giorgio Gentikoglou, our in-house Myotherapist provides excellent soft tissue therapy.

Remedial massage involves a more classical hands-on approach, using a variety of massage techniques to release tension, restore movement and relieve muscle pain. It can also aid relaxation and wellbeing. Our massage therapist Bronwyn provides lovely massage treatments!

Our physiotherapists frequently recommend combining physio and remedial massage treatments to assist you in your recovery.

We also recommend regular treatments to promote general wellbeing and stay well, because prevention is better than cure!

Photo of a masseur massaging a persons right calf muscle.

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