The Thompsons Road Physiotherapy Team

Who We Are

Thompsons Road Physiotherapy has been providing professional health and rehabilitation services since 1989. We are committed to excellence with thorough assessment, quality healthcare and effective rehabilitation to relieve pain and optimise your health and wellbeing. We offer comprehensive range of services to our patients, including physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, and massage therapy.

All our staff are approachable and friendly. We are proud of how we care for our patients, and we aim to create a positive and healing experience for all our patients.

Our Treatment Approach

At Thompsons Road Physiotherapy we take a caring, comprehensive and natural approach. Our physiotherapists work with you to help you achieve your personal movement goals by providing thorough assessment and treatment that is tailored to your individual needs. Our physiotherapists teach you to understand your body and how to achieve your personal movement goals, because we believe that knowledge is key to a successful recovery.

Our Physiotherapists

Our physiotherapists all hold a degree in physiotherapy and are registered with AHPRA. Our senior clinicians hold additional Masters-level qualifications, and all our physios have additional post-graduate training. Our physiotherapists also undertake regular professional development courses to stay up to date with the latest treatment approaches.

When you see one of our physiotherapists, you will learn about what is causing your pain and how to manage it with treatment options that are right for you. They work closely with your doctor, specialist or coach, because at Thompsons Road Physiotherapy we understand that good care takes teamwork.

Our Team Members

Photo of Mayur Jivanjee Senior Physiotherapist
Mayur Jivanjee – Principal Physiotherapist

Passionate and caring, Mayur has 15 years experience treating a wide range of conditions.

Photo of Jenny Beech Physiotherapist at Thompsons Road Physiotherapy
Jenny Beech – Senior Physiotherapist

Warm and supportive, senior clinician Jenny brings over 15 years experience to TRP, treating a wide range of conditions.

Megan Howard – Lymphoedema & Oncology Physiotherapist

Caring and compassionate, Megan uses her 15+ years experience to help patients with cancer and lung disease live life to the full.

Photo of Matthew Blair Physiotherapist
Matthew Blair – Physiotherapist

Energetic and caring, Matt is passionate about helping people get active following injury or surgery.

Photo of Gordon Pritchard Physiotherapist
Gordon Pritchard – Physiotherapist

Enthusiastic and motivating, Gordon will help you get back to sports, reduce pain, and get healthy.

Photo of Lauren Broomhall Physiotherapist
Lauren Broomhall – Physiotherapist

Friendly and fun, Lauren loves helping patients return to healthy movement after injuries or surgery.

Andy Smythe – Physiotherapist

Focused and thoughtful, with a passion for all things sports, Andy will help you get moving again.

Photo of Giorgio Gentikoglou Myotherapist
Giorgio Gentikoglou – Clinical Myotherapist

With his magic hands, Giorgio will ease muscular aches, pain and stiffness using myotherapy techniques.

Photo of Angela Lyras Receptionist at Thompsons Road Physiotherapy
Angela Lyras – Receptionist

As part of our dynamic administration team, Angela will greet you warmly on your next visit.

Photo of Christine Cerasa Receptionist at Thompsons Road Physiotherapy
Christine Cerasa – Receptionist

Christine welcomes you at the front desk with a warm and cheeky smile. Ask her about any of our services.

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